Saturday, April 20, 2013

Out for the count

I have been doin' nothin' but layin' in bed, and sleepin' since wednesday. I have pneumonia, not only do I have pneumonia but its on several different spots on my lungs...I don't know how that compares to regular pneumonia but apparently it's not suppose to happen like that. In the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time fo dat". I don't have much to say about it, one, because I'm not happy about it. I can't do anything but lay around and sleep. Two, because there just isn't much on my mind about it except bein' mad about it.

For all who are well and able to move around though I have found a KILLER ab workout that some of you might just be daring enough to try! I don't recommend tryin to force yourself through the whole thing if you find you're struggling.

This was the best I could do writing it down:
Run the World: Beyonce
V crunch
Left Elbow to Right Knee
Right Elbow to Left Knee
V crunch
Left Elbow to Right Knee
Right Elbow to Left Knee
V up (Legs straight in the the Air)
Left Elbow, Right Elbow
V up
Left Elbow, Right Elbow
Left Elbow x4
Right Elbow x4
Left, Right, Left Left
Right, Left, Right Right
Left, Right, Left Left
Right, Left, Right Right
Banana, Superman, Banana, Superman
Pulse ups (Chest and Legs) x4
Pulse up CHEST x4
Pulse up LEGS x4
Pulse up (Chest and Legs) x4
Stretch with chest up knees on the floor
Right Leg pulse up x8
Left Leg pulse up x8
Alternating Right Left x5
Elbows to Hands x4
Wide Leg Plank Dips
Right hip, Left Hip, Right Right
Left Hip, Right Hip, Left Left
Reach Foward and Fall...bleh
Stretch (Chest up knees on the floor)
Oblique Dips
Left x8
Right Left Right
Right x8
Sitting position
Forward fold, FLEX feet and repeat
Wide Leg Forward fold, FLEX feet and repeat
Done...or dead
Which ever comes first.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sassier and Classier Ya'll!

It has definitely been a while since I've talked with ya'll, and let me tell you God has been at work!
First of all, school is only four weeks from bein' over... and I have got some bucklin' down to do, but as far as things go, I've been doin' pretty good this semester. So stick with it, it'll fly by and then its beach bum from there on out! Speakin' of the beach, I don't know about ya'll but I am killin' the sweets lately. Two days ago I had two cupcakes, four pieces of chocolate, a half a bag of jelly beans, and chips with cheese dip. Thats happened quite a good amount lately. So if you're like me and are a stressful eater, let's start eating healthy and working on the beach goal together! Momma Lou, and Christan are having to make a start back to eating healthy as well!
Everyone gets stressed; everyone eats like their a little piggy every now and again. Not the end of the world; not the end of your goal. One of my very good friends, David Purser(Personal Trainer), who also did the whole30, has told me he's eaten two whole containers of chips ahoy cookies. Just mindless eating, and it tends to happen more when we're stressed and want a reliever. So don't think something is wrong with yourself just because you got through the whole30 and were determined to change your ways for good, and then slipped back into old habits. Even the most determined can slip up!
Also, don't think just because you've detoxed once before, you won't have to detox again. Be prepared for the cravings, weird dreams, and maybe the headaches and other things you've experienced before. I would suggest goin' back to Christan's blog post during our whole30 and looking up the tips and pointers she gives to help with the cravings and keep yourself on track. If you're not goin' for the whole30 but just want to clean up the eating a bit, try picking up a copy of Oxygen magazine. They give great recipes for eating clean, and Tosca Reno, the publisher of the magazine has also written some very good books on cleaning up your diet! So get pumped about the beach, about your health, and about some good food!

Alright, if I haven't mentioned my best friends Lauren Gilpin before, she's incredible and does incredible things. Right now, she is in Haiti, working with children to teach them the gospel and get them into families that will love and provide for them. She has an amazing blog, that tells about her endeavors and crazy stories of being in Haiti. She has one month left in Haiti and as excited as I am for her to be back here and welcome her home, I want the last four weeks of her being in Haiti the most impact she can give and can get. Pray for her as she finishes out her time there, that she will step up and out for those children, and for her to know that even if the impact isn't seen doesn't mean it's not there. That the heavens rejoice for just one lost soul to be found, and that her work there has already been planned out by God; she is where she is meant to be at this very moment, working for His kingdom.

So I'll leave you with a little of Jillian to get you pumped and inspired to get physical! Let's GO!

Monday, February 4, 2013


February 4th, 2011 I started a journey I definitely would not have chosen if given the chance. A journey that broke me, bruised me, killed me, chewed me up, spit me back out, and told me I was a worthless peice of shit. It was a journey that introduced me to a real, living Savior. A Savior with a love so deep for me, this worthless piece of shit, it's like I missed something, some peice of the story. I hadn't done anything good worthy of anybody's love. In fact I lost "the love of my life" due to what I had done. So why was He every where I went, arms open, letting me know He loved me and peace and rest was in Him.
I grew up in the church, I am a covenant child, and I couldn't think of any ways I could be more blessed. I have had an amazing church family, that has loved and pursued me the entirity of my life. My mother is a beautiful picture of Christ's love and forgiveness, and an amazing woman of God. My father is a leader in our church and more of man than any other I have met. They provided my sister, brothers and me with the necessities to have a saving faith in the Lord and I'm glad to say that is what has happened.
Yet my confidence in Christ was nearly extinct, regardless of being raised in the church, my parents teachings, youth group, private school, and christian friend groups. You could ask me if I was a christian, and I would tell you yes, very confidently, but in my mind the question swirled about. Am I really?
No I didn't act like a christian, most of the time I didn't talk like one, but I had a good many people fooled, including myself into thinking my faith was solid and I was on the right track.
My freshman year of college I pledged a sorority, I was elected chaplin, and I told myself I was gonna lead as many of these girls that I could to Christ. February 4th, 2011, my freshman year of college, my world erupted..into a cataclysmic, sinful death trap. I followed this path for the whole spring semester. I knew I was wrong, I didn't necessarily want or know how to stop, I just wanted to forget everything, so I did the only way I knew how. I couldn't tell you what happened those nights, I don't remember, and the next morning was always the same pounding headache, that brought back all that I originally wanted to forget.
I would sit up at night sobbing, to embarrassed to tell anyone what had been done to me, to embarrassed to tell anyone I didn't know how to deal with it, and to embarrassed of the way I was dealing with it. I would cry out to God, why did you do this to me? I'm stained, I'm gross, I'm ugly and I don't know what to do about it and you won't show me what to do about it. Fix me! Take it back! Please do this for me...I wasn't patient enough to wait and listen to God though.
I've mentioned Ridge Haven in an earlier post, I went to Ridge Haven that summer, still hadn't told anyone anything, and a wonderful man, Archie Moore, was one of our counselor trainers. He came to me one day after training, and without hesitation, or question said to me: "Whatever you need to tell to someone, the Lord has you, in this moment and that moment you decide to tell. Give it to Lord and He will help you." Well my first thought was, abso-freakin-lutely not. Yet later that night, I told my boyfriend, my parents, and my best friend everything. Everything that had happened, that I had done, and it was unexplainably hard, and incredibly relieving. I had thrown up all my sin, and though it still looked really ugly, I felt better. Not fixed, no not even close, but peaceful.

C.S. Lewis says, "We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive." I had simply just turned my head to look back on the path I was walking to the path I should be walking, and already I felt immensly better. It was probably the most grueling and unenjoyable summer I've had at Ridge Haven. I was scared, of everything. I didn't want to come back to school, to my sorority, to the demons that were waiting for me here. I had plenty with me up there at camp, coming back I would just cave underneath them.
I came back though, I stayed in my sorority for another year, and then dropped for financial reasons. I started counseling at the college, quickly quit and went to a christian counseling service that I have been with for a year now. Coming back was hard though, Statesboro was home, IS home. I love it here, but so many memories of my past were here. I would sit up at night, laying in my momma's lap, quietly crying, as she told me over and over, every single day, "Gracie, you are beautiful. I love you and you WILL get through this. God will not forsake you." My family, momma, daddy, sister and brothers and their spouses, were all praying for me. God used each one of them specifically to help me in that time.
I didn't just turn around, sprint to the path of righteousness and started living perfectly. Far from it, I struggled to get back to that path, and I struggle on it now. I would find my identity in guys, getting myself hurt constantly. I would get so angry with others, God and myself. My best friend would talk with me but I resented her for not having to go through what I had. I was fighting a battle against myself and I was losing.

My best friend, Lauren!
 I was going to a university ministry group called RUF: Reformed University Fellowship. I still go to this group, it's so good! The campus minister for RUF asked to meet with me and pretty much nailed my sin to my face, in a gentle way, but in the way I needed.
I was completely unforgiving, of others, of myself. I did not, COULD NOT forgive. Why would I? Had I not just told you that I had done the worst thing anyone could do?! That I, had done to me, the worst thing aynone could do?
Then, another step on my way back to the path of Righteousness,a  step that scared me to the core. A step that turned into determination, I WILL get through this.

I forgave.

I sought the Lord and He answered me, He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to Him are radiant and their faces are NEVER covered with shame. Pslams 34:4-5
I forgive you.

 What wonderful freedom! There was still struggle, there was still pain but it was not the center of my thinking anymore. To think the Lord forgave me, immediately, because of His love for me.
I was slowly but definitely growing closer to God, to a life worthy to be called His. Learning about His redeeming grace, endless mercy, and unconditional love. Life had meaning, not for my own sake but for the glory of God. The days became beautiful, rain or shine. I could feel the warmth of his spirit, even in the coldest of nights. I became lovely, because God loves me.
"Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established"
proverbs 16:3 
I never thought I would be the person I am now. Molded and shaped by my past, by the hands of God.Would I have chosen this journey, no, but without it I wouldn't be where I am. I shutter to think of where I could be, and smile to think that he aligned everything just so, that I am here, now.
"To You my future is a memory
Cause You're already there
Standing at the end of my life
Waiting on the other side
And You're already there"
-Casting Crowns
God is Good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You shouldn't look "pretty" after a workout

I never thought I would say this, but my family has GOT to quit washing dishes!

I never did enjoy tetris..

We just got a new dishwasher recently and we used it for the the second time last night....What tends to happen, because we've been without a working dishwasher for over a year now, we'll wash three bowls, all the silverware, two plates and three cups and THEN remember we have a dishwasher and put the last single dish in the dishwasher by its lonesome. Where it then waits for possibly a week, because that cycle continues and it takes forever to for us to fill the dishwasher to use it. I don't mean to complain, gettin in the habit of washin' my dishes was great, and it lead to other cleanin' habits and havin' a dishwasher is wonderful! I just think its humorous that we don't use it.
I'm going to come out and say it....I've postponed my whole30 challenge. Failure, loser, weakling, weiner, whatever your choice of word to describe my decision I don't care. Since school has started back its been busy, and already loads on loads on loads of homework, readings, and quizzes. The campus ministry that I'm involved in had an incredible first large group session, fillin' the room and it sounded so good when we were singin', it filled my heart with joy! We've given our hearts grief to those who already lost loved ones this year and are workin' diligently in our ministry teams to find more Mercy ministry in statesboro, connect with more students on campus through hospitality, make those who are new or have been here aquainted withone another through social settings, and worship through music durin' large group.
I am so excited about everything that is happenin', and not knowing what's goin' happen is half the fun!
So with all of that, and honestly I really could finish and be ok, but I can feel the stress levels rising with every meal that I'm carefully figuring out. I've decided it would be better to wait til the next time my family does the whole30 later this semester. I am so proud of those who are still on it and goin' strong though! You are doin' such a great job and I can't wait to hear the results of everyone's experience.
Just because I'm stoppin' my time in whole30 does not mean I will be goin' back to grains, or processed sugars, even some dairies, and not even beans. (We had some people over last night and had baked beans for them...I hadn't realized til then how gross, they looked and felt and even sounded when you stirred them..yuck!) I love the way I feel in the mornin's when I wake up, and throughout the day, I have more energy to push myself in my workouts, and I finish my "To do" lists almost everyday!
I've decided to get into the power liftin' part of crossfit as well. David Purser, personal trainer at the RAC, is teachin' me technique right now and helpin' me with weight. I was doin' cleans and jerks with a 4lb bar yesterday on the mats, and I felt pretty silly. Then David used his wise words to remind me about the importance of making sure the form is right, "If you can't do it right with 4lbs, you won't be able to do it right with 400lbs." He then went on to say I'll more than likely never do 400lbs, cause most women that can do that are...not so femenine anymore. I'm more than ok with stayin' femenine. Anyways, after workin' with the 4lb bar for a while I got to do the actual weights bar, I don't know the correct term for it..sorry! Then I got to try the jerks and some squats with added weight, and I really thought it was fun! I decided after lifting that I still felt pretty good and wanted to do a little more of my workout so I chose to run...well I felt like this:

I look so damn good right now

But what I really looked like was this....

Ya'll my legs were jello and I didn't know it until I had already started runnin'. It's like if you've been on the elliptical or stair stepper for a while and you get off and you just can't walk right because of the motion you've been doin'. So I decided to stop before I fell, or put myself in anymore of an akward looking situation. Regardless of the mess I looked like, I really enjoyed the workout.
Let me hear of your funny stories to, I love reading them! Have a great day ya'll!
Many Blessings!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Break

It's the spring semester and everyone has been back from the two biggest holidays our society has: Thanksgivin', and Christmas. Everyone has indulged a little and more likely a lot, and now has spring break in their sights and wants the perfect body, to go with that perfect swim suit, to impress the perfect guy... Now I love the beach, I love the sun, the water, I even love the sand. I love how you can smell the salt water and there's always a breeze, but I do not love this time of year when everyone on campus is in the gym. Don't be offended if I come up and tell you you're using the leg press as a squat machine and you need to get off( but you should probably be embarrassed cause thats just sad...). If you don't know what I'm talking about...

No, you really don't know what the hell you're doin'.
One of the biggest tips that I can give you for workin' out in general is, if you have a question about how to use somethin', ask it. Don't be embarrassed, because it will be way more embarrassin' when you're doin' the above and someone comes to tell you you're wrong and you have to get off. Or you don't read the description on the machine weights and you end up hurting yourself and you can't workout for the next two weeks because of it. Ask people what they're doin' and if they don't wanna talk to you or don't say anythin' chances are they either don't know what they're doin' either or they hate life(..kidding).
So, ask questions if you need to, or ask someone if they'll show you how to use a machine. This makes the gym goin' experience for everyone better, veterans won't get completely pissed at you for takin' a half hour on one machine and new people won't be following in those footsteps but hopefully the footsteps of asking for help. Now that I've had my rant about that here is another fast workout for you to try. This is not an at home workout unless you just happen to have a rowing machine in your house.
*Note: I am not a certified personal trainer. Doing this workout may result in injury.
(This means FINISHING the workout in the fastest amount of time you can)
500m Row
50 squats
400m Row
40 crossfit sit-ups
300m Row
30 push ups
200m Row
20 walking lunges(Each Leg)
100m Row
10 burpees

I'll start posting my more in depth, and more weight training related workouts very soon.
Again, I'm not a certified personal trainer, and you should always work with someone incase of injury. Drink plenty of fluids(like water..not coke or sprite...), and stretch!
Let me know if you have any questions, or workouts that you love to do!
Bless ya'll!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crossfit and I know it

Good afternoon belles and beaus!
I don't know about you but my cravin's for candy just don't stop. I don't even like the pretzel m&ms, and today I had to pry myself from the gift totes I bought for my littles that had those m&ms in them. To curb my cravings I make some hot tea, or fill my water bottle, or hit the gym hard to forget about them. Just recently the RAC (gsu's gym) invested in some sandbags for the weights room, and if you're obsessed with crossfit like I am, you know how excited I got.
Obviously you may not have tractor tires or kegs or the weights to do some workouts, but if you wanna kick your booty in one of the fastest and best ways I know how you could try this workout: 10!
Squats, jump pull ups, and pushup
  Let me get that keg for you
Go down into a low squat, as you're coming up jump for the pull up bar and lift your chin to or above the bar, when you release and come back down go straight into a push up. It's very similar to a burpee, but variated. The 10! This means for this you will do 10 reps of the exercise(s), then 9, then 8, then 7, then 6...all the way until to get to 1, which would be your last rep. (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1). (The exclamation after the number is called a “factoid”, from your high school math days.)
This is not an easy exercise and if you are going to do it, make sure you have plenty of water and you have a partner to count and be able to get help if anything should go wrong. Try not to take ANY breaks inbetween sets and always bring your best, working slow if you have to, but remember don't stop til the last rep!
That's really all I have to say today guys, I know it's not like any of my other posts but I wanna go to the gym now!
I hope you enjoy the post, and keep yourselves safe when trying new workouts!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pancakes FAUX Fancakes

I'm happy to inform you(and sad to say) I just figured out how to, and added the followers gadget to my profile...Don't judge, follow.
So if you're anythin' like me you really enjoy a stack of pancakes, and waffles are out of this world delicious, and maple syrup really satisfies your tastebuds but cane syrup truly tickles your fancy.

Well, ya'll, I'll tell ya what I want, what I REALLY REALLY want...
I find the spicegirls really get me. Anyone else?

I want waffles and pancakes. I'm sure most if not all of ya'll know pinterest and have perused its categories(especially the fitness and food, or at least I do..). Well I came across a recipe for "pancakes" and I did some tweaking of my own and they taste exactly like banana nut bread; let's be real with ourselves, banana nut bread is the bees knees.
Now this is not for whole30, although it keeps within the guidelines of whole30. Since its pancakes, it keeps your mindset in the thought of your still eating flour, so this would be more suitable for those who are just doing paleo. The base mix for the pancakes is just two ingredients and you can add whatever you'd like to give them your signature!
Base mix for Pnacakes FAUX Fancakes:
2 eggs
1 ripe banana
 *1 batch makes about 7 small pancakes
Banana Nut Fancakes:
2 eggs
1 ripe banana
1/2 tsp vanilla
pinch! of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice
1/4 chopped nuts
  • Mix banana and eggs till somewhat smooth. I've been mixing it by hand so it doesn't come out completely smooth like batter, but if you mixed it in a stand mixer I'm sure they would be smooth. If that's a neccesary must for you.
  • Add vanilla and mix throughout
  • Add all your dry ingredients and mix well throughout
    Heat 1tbsp coconut oil in a skillet.You'll want to keep your stove on a lower heat setting, it only takes the pancakes about 30-45 seconds to get a good cook on each side.  They can be a little difficult to flip, and the sides don't cook up like regular flour batter does, so take your time and don't try to rush.
    If you absolutely must have maple or cane syrup, opt for a more organic kind rather than just good old log cabin(my favorite) or mrs. buttersworth(bleh).
What's absolutely wonderful is cut up a banana and place in a small skillet and add cinnamon and heat til the banana is warm and soft or crispy if you'd like. Add some of your syrup to the skillet and let warm. Top your banana nut fancakes with this then sprinkle a little salt on top, or if you like spice, add a little chili powder to your bananas and syrup. You won't regret it I promise!  
*1 batch makes about 7 small pancakes
I hope you try the pancakes and enjoy them! Let me know what ways you make them, and I'll try them when I finish whole30! Keep up the great work other whole30iers, and have a great day! Blessings!